New Ring Alarm install - Ring Protect Plus Plan 30 day free trial

I’ve just installed a new Ring Alarm system a few days ago, and so far I’m impressed with the hardware, app, and overall features.

But I’m a bit confused about how the 30 day free trial of the alarm monitoring with the Ring Protect Plus plan works. I have NOT yet signed up for monitoring (in the app’s Settings/Monitoring/… section). However I notice a banner at the bottom of the app dashboard says “Ring Protect Plan: 27 Days Left! Tap here to keep monitoring”. I don’t have any Ring cameras, so it’s just the alarm I’m using.

I haven’t set up any emergency contact names/numbers or secret password anywhere, so I don’t think monitoring has actually started?? Or has it?

What’s the proper way to get the 30 day trial of Protect Plus monitoring going?

If I proceed to set up the Settings/Monitoring info, does that immediately start the paid monitoring subscription, or will the first 30days after that be free before being charged the monthly rate?

Glad you asked @abc! You can enable professional monitoring on your Alarm system at anytime, as long as you are subscribed or within the trial period. During your 30 day trial you’ll be able to register for professional monitoring, complete your 7 day practice period, and fully utilize the Alarm system as intended.

Remember to subscribe to a Protect Plus Plan before the trial runs out to avoid any pause or lapse in the features included with Protect Plus. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

hi Marley, thanks for your reply.

I’m still not quite clear, let me ask a couple more questions:

it looks like the “30 day trial” period started automatically when I set up a Ring account and activated my new alarm system. (as mentioned, I DON’T have any Ring cameras)

  1. For an alarm system ONLY, does that give me any sort of free trial of the monitoring service? (i.e. before specifically registering for professional monitoring). Or is the “30 day trial” really more about a month’s free features for Ring camera owners?

  2. once I do register for professional monitoring, does the monthly billing for that start immediately upon registering, or is the balance of the “30 day trial” period first free, and then monthly charge follows?


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Anytime, @abc!

When you only have the Ring Alarm, your 30 day trial allows you access to all Alarm features, including professional monitoring and celluar backup. During this 30 day trial period you are not charged for these features.

Regarding your second question, you are correct. You may subscribe now to avoid any chance of lapse in coverage, and your 30 day trial will complete before your paid subscription is initiated.