New Pro 2 Hot On Plug-in Adapter 2nd Gen

I have a brand new Ring Pro 2 Video Doorbell.

I have not installed it into my doorbell wiring yet. It is inside my home lying on a table. Room temperature is 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

I am trying it out by hooking it up to the Ring Plug-in Adapter 2nd Generation.

I notice that the Video Doorbell unit gets very hot.
Is this normal ???

Also, the Pro 2 Video Doorbell is intended for 24 VAC.
But the logo on the back of the Ring Plug-in Adapter 2nd Generation shows 24 V with the symbol for DC a solid line above a dashed line.
So after all the literature saying use AC only, why is Ring’s Plug-in Adapter show a marking for DC output?

Hi @VideoRanger. Your Ring Pro 2 should not be hot. With most electrical devices, they can be warm while in use (think of the temperature of a laptop in use), but not hot. The Ring Pro 2 is designed to be hardwired to a transformer (VAC) or the Ring Plug-In Adapter (VDC). There are some Doorbell transformers that supply DC power, which is why the distinction is made to not wire your Doorbell to DC power. The only DC power the Doorbell supports, is the Ring Plug-In Adapter Gen 2. I hope this clears things up.

If you are still experiencing a hot Ring Pro 2, disconnect it right away and contact our support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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As you suggested, I contacted Ring Tech Support.

The representative was very nice and very helpful.

Yes, the units do get hot when connected this way she told me.

Here are some stats:

My plug-in adapter measures at 24.1 VDC on a Fluke DMM.
The temperature on the back of the Pro 2 around where the lens is
is 130 degrees Fahrenheit with an Extech IR non-contact thermometer with E=0.95 emissivity.

The tech support person ran diagnostics on my Pro 2 and told me all is well with both hardware and firmware.

She also told me that the temperature I am measuring is normal for the Pro 2 wired to the Plug-in adapter Second Generation.

Hope this helps the next person wondering the same question.


Hey @VideoRanger. Thank you for following up with me. I’m happy to hear that Ring Support has confirmed that your device is in good working order.

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Thanks for the details in your post. Was concerned about my Pro 2 temp at 120F in the same area you measured while indoor at 75F ambient (testing prior to install). Seems hard to believe that it’s meant to so hot you can’t hold it. Hope durability of these units is not effected.