New phone isn't recognized by ring

So I got a new phone about a week ago and I’m trying to get back on my ring, but when I log into my account it says I don’t have any devices. OK so I take the doorbell off and try to scan it during set up, thats when the app tells me its already owned by somebody(that would be me), so I go on my old phone and log in and it tell me that i have no devices so I can’t disconnect my ring doorbell to give it back to me!?

Hey @Punksanta1998. You will need to make sure that when you are logging into your Ring account that you are logging in with the same email address and password that you used to create your Ring account. If you do not remember the password to the other account, you can reset it. In the case that you still cannot get the account restored, please reach out to our support team via phone here for a device ownership escalation to get it all sorted out for you!