New network

I recently set up a new Wifi network in my house. I have gone through the process to reinstall my Ring 2 doorbell and connected to the new network. This seemed to work fine but when I go back into the Ring app there is no device set up. It asks me to set up a device. I have tried this several times with the same result. What can I do to solve this problem.

Hey @jaywattersj ! If there is no device appearing in the app at all, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Depending on location chosen during setup attempts, the device may also be appearing under a different location in the menu drop down, in your app. Please let me know if this worked for you. :slight_smile:

Just a thought. When I had to replace my internet provider, I setup the new router with the same SSID and password I had before. This saved me the hassle of changing every smart device in my house. Everything worked fine from my plugs, light bulbs, Ring devices, etc.

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