New Modem and Router!!


I have had the Doorbell 1 for a couple of years. I just upgraded to the Doorbell 2 as it became a pain to have to charge the battery, leaving the doorbell ‘unattended’.

I started thinking about around the house security and got a spotlight cam, 2 stick cams, and have ordered the floodlights coming out 4/17.

I had a Netgear Combo Modem/Router and when I increased devices, I was having problems with devices randomly not connecting live and blank motion screens.

I tried all the suggestions from support to no avail.

I then did some research and saw how modem/router combos don’t do as well as the separate ones do. Yes, it’s more convenient and takes up less space, but the stability is much better buying and using them separately, which is exactly what I did.

I went to Target and got a Netgear CM7000 modem, and a Netgear R6350 router and boy does my Ring system work great now!

I did configure it for 2.4Ghz ONLY as the system seems to run better on that setting!

Anyhow, if your’re having trouble and have a combo unit, you might want to try getting one of each!!


Hi @leehop71 ! What a great post. Way to do your research and check out other options to help optimize the performance of your Ring devices. Have you installed your new Floodlight Cam yet?

Also, you may have noticed I moved your post. I placed it under the ‘Doorbell’ section to help other neighbors who may find this information helpful when installing their device :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any questions!

I am not purchasing the floodcam, just the new floodlights and two spotlights once they ship

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I see, completely my mistake on misreading that! I’m excited to hear what you think. Keep us posted!

Hey Jennifer,

You may know the answer to this. Do the Ring Bridges come with an ethernet port?

Sinds ik het nieuwe modem heb geïnstalleerd heb ik geen verbinding meer met mijn voordeurbel!

I had an old modem and router and now recently got a brand new modem and router from Spectrum. I can’t connect it to the Ring network as it says no internet available. I was able to connect to the Ring network on my old modem and Netgear router. I am wondering if I need to get the Ring Doorbell 3?

The simplest way to change these out is as follows.
Change the new router’s SSID to the same one you were using before.
Then change your password to the same password as before.
Your entire system should just reconnect as if nothing happened.
This will also solve resetting other devices. I had 52 devices and switch like you. They all came back without needing to redo or reset anything. Hope this helps.

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The answer is rediculous. I’m not going to change all my devices using my router just to accomodate the Ring doorbell. Certainly, the doorbell can be modified to accept the new router’s SSID.

So figure it out then …