New Mac app problem

The most recent update of the Mac app seems to cause the video player to not work. DO NOT install this one. Is there any way to go back to the previous version?

The symptom is that the begining frame of the video is shown, but it will not start playing. The video can be downloaded and Quicktime will play it just fine. It will play on the web interface. The slider bar can be used to look at other frames, but that is ridiculously slow.

Hey @DrSteve. I also have the Mac app and have not ran into this concern myself, so we may have to do some troubleshooting with your app. Could you try removing the Ring app from your Mac, restart your Mac, and then reinstall the Ring app? Once reinstalled, go into your event history and try to play back a video. Let me know how this playback goes. When I select an event from my event history, it automatically plays when I double click it. Additionally, if you still have this concern, please let me know what your app version is and your iOS version.

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Yes, this seemed to work. I also found an old version of the app on the computer. Ring does not seem to install the apps in the Applications folder. I had gone back to the old version and put it in the proper place, so I actually just renamed the old version to keep it just in case. After a restart and putting the new version in the proper directory, it seems to be working fine.

Thanks for getting this app to update when a new event occurs. That did not seem to happen in the past.

@DrSteve I’m so happy to hear that fixed it, and nice detective work on locating that! :scream_cat: We’re always looking to improve things for our neighbors so I’m glad it’s back in working order as it should be.