New Kid on the block lookin for some help

Hey Gang, again new kid on the block here. I just installed our new Ring doorbell a couple days ago. Now if you push the door bell the doorbell itself sets off a chime that can be heard by neighbors. I dont need them to hear my doorbell, I believe i can turn that down via my phone. Here is the problem when you ring my doorbell my doorbell IN the house does not ring. I have Ring (doorbell) not the pro or anything like that. how do I get the doorbell IN the house to ring?
Thank You

Welcome to the Community, @David53! You are correct on the ability to lower your Video Doorbell volume from the device itself. by doing the following:

  • From the Ring app dashboard, select the gear icon in the top right corner of Video Doorbell preview window.
  • Select the Device Settings tile, then General Settings.
  • The ringer volume will lower only the ringer sound, and does not impact your two way audio.

Under the same Device Settings menu from the steps above, there should be an In-home Chime Setting as well. This can help you set your Doorbell to work with the type of chime kit you have (i.e. Mechanical).

Sometimes the chime kit sounding is a matter of wiring or compatibility. Here is a checklist I like to follow for hardwiring battery-powered Video Doorbells, which includes a compatibility list.

Just in case your chime kit is not compatible, or you do not feel like troubleshooting wiring, our Chime and Chime Pro are great alternatives. Feel free to let us know how this works out.

Thanks for being part of the Community, neighbor. We hope you enjoy the block! :slight_smile: