New issue with Galaxy Watch4 (WearOS) and audio

So I was reading through previous topics and I know that there have been issues similar to this in the past, especially as it related to live view, but this issue appears to be different and possibly related to the new WearOS software.

With my Galaxy 4 watch connected to my phone (Samsung S10+, latest version of Android) I try to use live view or talk to somebody at my doorbell and the audio is very choppy. It seems as though the Ring app keeps trying to alternate between routing the audio through the speakers on my phone and the speaker on my watch. It keeps going back and forth rapidy and makes it impossible to hear what the person at my door is saying or for them to be able to hear me. I found a post on Reddit that pretty much sums up the issue so it seems like I’m not the only one having this problem. I’ve opened a ticket with Ring and I’m wondering if anybody else on here has experienced something like this?

Hi @Capsfan84. Thank you for sharing this information. At this time, Ring does not officially support any Smart Watch integrations. Because of this, it may be the reason why you are experiencing this issue. I’ll be sure to share any new information regrading Smart Watch integrations here.

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Hi @Tom_Ring . This is not an integration issue since there should be no integration. The audio does simply not work in the app when the phone is connected to a Wear OS watch. Samsung support states that this is an issue with the Ring app. And they are likely correct in this assumption. The Ring app treats the live video as a call instead of normal media view and this approach causes the issue.

It used to also be a problem with previous versions of Galaxy Watch (powered by Tizen) until Ring recognized this issue and corrected it in their app. I have never experienced these issues with other vendors like Arlo but they treat the live view as normal media streaming which it essentially is. It is some sort of “hack” or incorrect usage of Android to process a live view as an incoming call.


Exact same problems here. Ring audio works perfect if i disconnect my watch which is not practical. Has any fix been found?

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Same problem. When I’m viewing event history and click the previous arrow the ring app starts playing the audio on my galaxy watch 4 classic. This needs to be addressed instead of downplayed (ring).

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Tengo el mismo problema con mi galaxy S21 Ultra y galaxy watch, please alguna solución

Hola, tengo el mismo problema con la app ring y mi Samsung note ultra 5 g, con el galaxy watch 4 conectado, el sonido se entrecorta, haciendo imposible la comunicación. Por favor soluciónenlo.

I can’t believe that this is still ongoing. When I need to answer my ring doorbell I don’t have time to think about disconnecting my watch first. Let’s be honest, by the time you have had a motion notification you’ll be lucky if they’re still there by the time you can connect to Ring anyway, without having to mess about with watch connections first. Come on Ring, sort this out!

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I see an update is due that allows live streaming of ring and nest doorbells directly from your watch. Hopefully this will resolve it. Until then the only workaround I have found is by dragging down my system tray and disconnecting Bluetooth and therefore the phone so audio routes the the phone microphone and callers can hear me. Not ideal but after spending several weeks trying to work out what the issue was an using cursing whenever someone rang the doorbell, this at least allows me to speak now!

As a side note, when I called ring, they really had no knowledge of this, thankfully Dr Google did

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Turns out the issue is with Bluetooth and the ring doorbell treating it as a call.

There is a solve on the Samsung forum which is to set up a routine ‘settings, search routines. Set up a routine that has the following. IF an app is opened (choose ring app) then turn off Bluetooth. It will then add turn back on Bluetooth when app is closed automatically

It actually works really well by effectively disconnecting your watch while you have the app open then reconnecting it when you close it. It’s worth adding that it doesn’t give any more lag than the actual chime on your phone to answering the ring does


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