New issue with battery icon and % indication

As par for the course, it seems every time Ring sends out a firmware update, they screw something up. Now, when I open “setting” for my Stickup Cam Battery (3rd. gen.) and tap on the battery icon to check the battery %, I get no such indication. The other day when I checked battery %, it was at 52% and the battery icon color was yellow (which is normal when battery level gets below 60% or thereabouts). Now, the battery icon shows green and fully charged (full green). If I observe the icon for any length of time, I will notice that it will periodically switch to yellow and half full which would normally be correct (for what it is now, anyway). If I tap the icon when it turns yellow (and it doesn’t stay yellow for very long), I still don’t see a battery percentage like I had been. WTH is going on?!?!
(firmware version: 3.32.1)

edit/update: ADDITIONALLY…checking the front door Ring Doorbell 2, the “Power Source” status use to indicate “Hardwired” (which it is); Now it indicates “Battery”. There is also now a “Solar Status” present which was not there before (it indicates “Not Connected”, which is indeed correct). Hope this is corrected soon.

Hi, you might have found out by now, they have a major outage…??‍♂️??


Yes, I did notice that after I posted. The outage notification indicated it was related to the website only but apparently affected the app also. It’s now working properly.

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Hey neighbors. Thank you for being patient while Ring worked on getting this resolved. As of now, this issue should be corrected. :smiley: