New Internet

How do I find the 5 digit pin to reconnect to new internet?

Hi @Zhancock15. Which Ring Doorbell or Security Camera do you have? If you scan the QR code on the back of your Ring device or from the original packaging, you shouldn’t prompted for the Five-Digit pin code, as this is asked for when you attempt to set up your Ring device without scanning the QR code. It’s in place as a security measure. :slight_smile:

I have the video doorbell 3 but I don’t have the original box. Is there no way now to switch my doorbell over to my new internet provider to connect?

@Zhancock15 The QR code is also located on the back of your Doorbell if you no longer have the original packaging. Are you following the steps under Set Up a Device, or are you going to Devices > your Doorbell > Device Health > Reconnect To Wi-Fi?