New install - Spotlight cam issues

OMG OK so we’ve had Arlo for a few years - so wasy to install and manage etc. but then I’ve just bought the RIng spotlight cam battery (mainly for motion detecting lighting but also to replace the front yard security cam). So many issues with Ring - main one being no motion detection at all, and live view doesnt work.

Apparently the “health” is great - good wifi etc. but I’ve even stuck my hand 5 cm from it and nothing - zip. I have changed all the settings of the device in the app to see if it just needed a refresh etc… still zip.

I am so frustrated as my Arlo, positioned 2 metres away is constantly giving me alerts… just no light of course. Any suggestions?

I’m getting the same on a new stick up battery cam. The older model works flawlessly but the newer one has issues. Live Video does not work, but at least it is recording motion!

Still not awesome, and there seems to be no way to diagnose issues, especially when the health all says things are fine.

Hey @robynb! I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the application, then reconfiguring your zones to see if this improves motion detection. If motion continues to not detect at all, try resetting your cam by holding the setup button for 20 seconds.

@AdmanNZ If you have not already, try to also uninstall and reinstall the app to see if it improves your live view connection. Signal Strength is half the battle as it will show the strength of the signal based on distance and interference. It does not account for bandwidth, packet delivery, and other variables that could affect audio/ video stream delivery in a network. Testing speed, and limiting distance and interferences between your router and Ring device, should help to optimize signal.

Please let me know how the above goes! :slight_smile:

Thanks. When you say “app” do you mean the iOS app? That seems … weird … given all other cameras in the house work fine, and this one is the closest to the Wifi base (literally it’s 10ft away). The RSSI is 79

Oddly it’s working flawlessly at the moment, nothing has changed, it’s just … working.

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You got it @AdmanNZ! That is correct, the Ring app for IOS. Even though it seems to be working, do keep in mind that an RSSI of -79 is an indicator of some sort of signal interference or weakness.

Try waiting some time and checking the Device Health in the Ring app again to see if it improves. Be sure to also check on network diagnostics to ensure your home network is running as intended.

Here’s an observation. I run a Mesh network at home. When at home on the network, whichever mesh unit I am closest to on phone, the camera moves to. My phone was connected to a mesh point as far away from the camera as is possible, so while the camera is physically right next to the base unit, it was trying to run through an access point far away.

This would seem to be a bug :slight_smile:

When accessed remotely it has a very strong signal. Go home, stand by a distant unit and watch the strength drop.

I am having a similar situation. what is the best RRSI??