New Indoor Cam shows wrong date for Last Health Check

Mine shows 1/1/1970 when is the update for this

When is the app expected to be updated that will fix this 12/31/69 issue?

Both my indoor cam and 2nd gen doorbell have date of 12/31/69. Why?

Same problem here. Shows date 12/31/69. Totally annoying. We pay each month. Fix it Mr Ring

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I specifically logged onto this after searching google for the device last health check 1970 issue. This is NOT just a mere date and time issue, both ring security cameras I have is offline and disconnected from my Wi-Fi because of a further issue that this is causing to kill Wi-Fi speed. It’s a significant problem and not just a - brush to the side - minor issue as aforementioned.

I’ve isolated all devices and sourced this down to ring chime pro AND ring outdoor security cameras. FIX IT or refund my money!

I have the same issue. I’m at 12-31-69 7pm. Been like that for a few month. I didn’t know ring was around late 60s

Same issue as of May14,2023
Last Health Check date continues to show 12/31/69

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Just received an update to the Ring app on my devices and the date/time is now showing correctly. Clearly an app issue rather than with the Ring devices themselves.

Yep - you nailed it. Update fixed the display issue. Man, There are some impatient people in this thread acting like this visual bug is the cause of all their other issues. Crazy.

Same here in the UK. Device health check date 01/01/1970 on all devices

When is an update available for the app. I have the issue with the wrong date/time more than 2 months?!

I also have had this issue on all of my cameras. I had to manually search for and find the iOS update, applied it, and the issue is now resolved.

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