New Indoor Cam shows wrong date for Last Health Check

I got a new Indoor Cam a few days ago. Didn’t have any problem setting it up, but on the Device Health page it says the Last Health Check was done on 12/31/69, 5:00 PM.

The Firmware line says “Up to Date” but I’m not so sure I want 1969 firmware.

I don’t see anywhere to confirm the firmware version, or set the current date, or even time zone.

The camera has been plugged in for 3 days now, so plenty of time to fix itself. I have rebooted a few times, and pulled the power a couple of times. No change.

Does this sound like a problem with the camera itself or the app or both?

App is iOS running on a iPhone 11 Pro and a new iPad mini.

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Have had my 2nd Gen. Ring for a few months now, and I also have that same date issue. Not sure how to fix it as my software is up to date.

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@Cougs22 how do you know your firmware is up to date? I can’t find a version number anywhere.

Same problem here among other new issues.

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I have a total of 21 ring devices, in two different states, and I noticed last week, that they are all showing this. Until last week, they always showed correct dates. I have rebooted my router, cameras, devices, etc. , and it has not resolved. I can only assume that it’s an issue on Ring’s end.

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Hi neighbors. Thank you for sharing this information regarding the incorrect date showing up in your Device Health for the Last Health Check. Rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Also, this is a visual bug only; the app and Ring devices are not affected. Once we receive an update regarding this concern, we will comment here. I will also be marking this as a solution for other neighbors to easily find this information.

I am having the same Health Check date & time error. All my devices read 12/31/69 6:00pm.

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All of my cameras also say the last firmware update was 12/31/69 at 7pm. My stick up camera is also having a (related?) issue where it says it stopped receiving power but it’s still plugged in and it says the solar status is connected but I don’t have any solar accessories.

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I have the same on my ring doorbell pro 2, it shows 1-1-1970 01:00 as last checked in device health.
Recordings show the correct date and time

Same problem here. When’s it going to be fixed?

Same issue last health date showing12/31/69

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Same here on my Doorbell 4. Showing date as 1/1/70. When are we looking at getting this fixed?

Having the same 12/31/69 issue on a new Floodlight Cam. When will there be an update??

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Outdoor stickup cam v3. Same incorrect date.

Why has this issue not been fixed, and why has ring not commented

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Same here on 5/1/23, 12:20p Mountain Time. Any update? Not feeling all that secure at the moment Ring Team…

Same issue. Info last system check 01.01.1970 01:00

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Is there any update on this?! Why is Ring not responding on this thread anymore? My cameras are all still showing the 12.31.69 date.

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Mine says the same, only 6:00 instead of 5:00 due to the time zone maybe?

Hey neighbors. As mentioned earlier in this thread, this is just a visual bug that we will have cleared up in the next app update. Thank you for your patience on this!