New house with a ring doorbell... how do I set it up?

I just bought a house with a ring doorbell installed. I have no idea how to access the barcode, I don’t know what model it is… what do I do? Where do I start? How do I get this set up?

@Alrexx Is this a brand new house/brand new doorbell or was it owned by someone previously? In order to set it up it needs to be removed from their account/ownership. To access the barcode/pin/reset button you need to remove the faceplate. You will notice underneath there is a small security screw, take that out and you can then remove the faceplate. If you don’t have the ring security screw driver you can buy one for very little money or if you have a set of torx/torx security bits you will probably fine one in there that fits.

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Hi @Alrexx. @bemak187 is correct here with this process. You’ll need to download the Ring app and create an account. You can then follow the instructions in the Ring app to setup the Doorbell. Let us know how this goes.