New house - old ring

Hi. I’ve moved into a new place and it already had a ring system set up. I was told I just had to make my own account and sync it but it hasn’t been that easy for me. I was able to sync the base but that has been it. Everything else such as the alarms have just told me to unplug and plug back in or take the battery out and put the battery back in as part of the set up. But then nothing happens. It just keeps repeating that. So is there anyone who has suggestions on how to synch something already set up to a new account. Thanks

Hi @RA-EN. If nothing is syncing with your Ring Alarm Base Station, you’ll need to factory reset those sensors. To do a factory reset on them, follow the steps in this Help Center article here. Once they’re reset, just bring them close to the Base Station and attempt to sync them again. I hope this helps!