New house no base station

I bought a new house and the whole house is set up with a Ring alarm system. The old owner decided to take the base station but has unregistered all his devices that are at the house. Why would not sell a base station by itself and require you to buy from a 3rd party, or force you to buy a whole new bundle when it is not needed. I mentioned these two as this is what the sales Rep told me to do when chatting with them. All they said was buy a new set up or try and buy one from No help, or let me look into that, or even any type of sorry for your situation. How has this never happened before? Am I really the first person to come across this issue? Do I really have to look at a 3rd party seller for a single base station?

I am having same issue. Just bought a new house with ring but no base station. What did you end up doing?

Hi there, @Stang9shell! Depending on the Ring devices left behind you may not need a Base Station. if the Ring devices left behind are an Alarm Contact Sensor, Motion Detector, or Keypad, this would require a Base Station, which can be purchased with our Alarm Security Kits.

For other Ring devices, such as Doorbells and Cameras, these will operate using wifi. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: