New Home - PoE Camera

In my home the builder has installed ethernet cables and I’d like to leverage this by using PoE cameras. Should I plug-in the other ends of ethernet cables to modem/router or via ethernet switch to ring base station? Is the base station required? How do I use the existing sensors in the home within the ring ecosystem?


For a PoE device to work, you either need a “PoE injector” or an ethernet switch that can provide PoE power.

The injector basically is a brick that plugs into a standard wall outlet and has a “data” port and a “data+power” port. The first one would connect to your home wired network, while the latter would connect to the device.

A PoE switch simply needs an ethernet cable from the port to the device and it provides power and data. You need to check the data and power requirements for your devices to make sure you have the right switch (802.11af or 802.11at power, Gigabit or 100mb)

The Ring Alarm base station can be plugged into to a wired network switch or connected via wireless. It does not need to be a PoE port.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you!!