New guy here ... not detecting car (probably already asked and answered)

Just installed ring doorbell cam at the front of our garage. It detects people ok, but large cars come and go with no detection. Bought from Amazon. 1080p resolution, not sure model number. I have motion detection set to highest and delay interval set to minimum. Still wont see the car. When someone exits the car, it detects.
Any help appreciated. I need camera to detect cars, people, large dogs, etc.

Did i buy the wrong camera?
I have one of the wired indoor camera pointing out the front window and it frequently detects the mail truck passing the house some 160ft from camera. The driveway camera is only 20 feet from the cars.


Do you have your Smart Alerts set correctly? Go to Device Setting>Motion Settings>Smart Alerts. Look at the Other Motion setting and see if either or both of those are turned on or off.

It could be that both settings under that setting are turned off and People settings are turned on. This might result in cars not being detected, but people are.

Ok … got it. Both cameras had the exact same setting … one saw cars, one did not. Thus my confusion. Switching modes looks like it might work … need more testing. Thanks.