New Gen 2 Keypad

Happy to get my new Gen 2 Keypad and Sensors today. Sensor’s are sleek and work great. Good job on those. The keypad is nice and sleek as well. One issue: Turning off Power Save, does not keep the home/away or disarmed light on like the old pad did. This needs to be on when power saving is turned off. Great to have so you can look across the room to see the status of the alarm.


Hi @rebelrk. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! After checking in with my Alarm teams, they have confirmed that the 2nd Generation Keypad will not keep the lights for home/away/disarmed on still, similar to the 1st Generation, even with Power Save mode turned off. I followed up to see if you could keep the device plugged in to get this to stay one all the time, and they stated that even if it’s plugged in, the only time the mode LED will show is when they go up to it. Rest assured that this feedback has been passed onto the appropriate teams for you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for a firmware update. In the meantime. I’ll leave the Gen 1 up at the entry way. Just as the base station remains illuminated, especially when armed. The Keypad should do the same. Thanks again.


Does it have a bright green full battery LED when leaving plugged in?

I just got my system yesterday and that was one of the first things I noticed. No status light on keypad. I want to know that status at all times and would like to be able to see it across the room instead of having to walk up to it. It would be GREATLY appreciated to get this feature.


Agree this needs to fixed. I want to see that alarm is on from across room. I will have to return Gen 2 if this is not resolved. Thanks Ring in advance for timely remediating this lack of functionality.


Count me in too please! The status light of what mode you’re currently in should be lit at all times when power save mode is off and/or the unit is plugged in.

I just purchased the new keypad and am really disappointed to see this needed feature removed from the gen2 keypad.


I received my new Gen2 keypad today, and really like the size and layout of it so much better than the original. Now that I have it, I really miss not being able to see what mode I’m in from a distance, and hadn’t realized how much I normally look at it before walking out one of my doors.

I realize I’m replying saying the same thing as my previous post, but this feature is really missed now that I actually have the keypad.

Ring, please push an update to the keypads so the mode is always illuminated provided it’s plugged in and power save mode is off.

I’ve also posted this in the Feature Request board for hopefully more visibility.


My only annoyance in the system is this. I thought by buying the 2nd gen that eveything would be improved however this is clearly a step backwards and less useful than any other alarm system I’ve had in the past.

I’m hopeful that this is fixed through a firmware update so that I can improve my Amazon reviews of this system


I just installed a 2nd gen keypad that replaced a 1st gen. I am very pleased with the changes to the green battery light which had to be covered up with duct tape due to its brightness on the 1st gen. However, I do miss having the 1st gen power save option of having the mode button light always on when plugged in. I have a keypad in the entry and one in my bedroom. It was comforting to look up and see the red mode status in the middle of the night when awakened by something or to glance at the entry keypad when walking through the house and see the mode status without having to walk up to the keypad. It doesn’t appear that this is possible with the 2nd gen keypad but it would be great if the Ring engineers could build this into a future firmware update.


I agree 100% that this is an absolutely necessary feature. Not being able to see if the alarm is enabled across the room is a huge step back from the ADT system I’m coming from. This seems like an easy fix to allow an option to keep the lights on. Can we get a beta for this?


I, for one, would prefer the keypad not to be lit all the time. We have one keypad in our bedroom, and the lights would just disturb our sleep.

Resurrecting an old request…

Is there any update on this request yet? Is it possible, planned, unapproved, not possible to allow the Mode buttons to be constantly illuminated to indicate which Mode you’re in? I imagine this would be easily possible, but hoped it might be implemented by now with the number of people requesting the option.



Any update on this Ring?

5 months later since the original request and still no word either way, if this will be implemented or not?

This is such a basic and standard feature of any alarm keypad. Unacceptable that 5 months have passed since close to 50 people have requested this simple update.


New to Ring Alarm and this missed feature is the first thing that jumped out at me. My thought is that they won’t push this to the gen 2 as it would probably kill the battery life. I’d happily charge the keypad once a month or so if we could have this feature.

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I just installed mine today abs no luck yet. Really need that light lite up so we k ow it’s on abs what mode it’s in.


I totally agree. I just upgraded to 3 of the Gen 2 Keypads. It makes no sense that they don’t show system status without going up to keypad. Please fix this. Thank you!


When can we expect a change to happen that enables a status light when armed?

I’ve also been waiting for some type of update.

It’s important for me to be able to leave the keypad(Gen2) lit.
It’s definitely a visual deterrent at night, my keypad location is visible
from my window.

I’m really finding it hard to believe that this has been discussed for so long without
any solutions to date.