New gen 2 keypad doesn't have network or charging led

i just installed my gen 2 keypads and neither have the network connection or charging leds. i plugged in the charging adapters and no charging led lit up on either unit. how can i tell if they are charging. the keypad and other leds are ok.

Hi @ths. Are you able to share a picture of what lights are lit up on your Ring Keypads when you have them plugged into a standard wall outlet? I’d be happy to take a look and see. :slight_smile:

The lights are just under the Ring logo print in the upper left. If they are not lit then you do not see them.

  1. Network light - Only lights up during pairing or to indicate errors. If it’s red, there is a network communication failure.

  2. Battery light - Indicates battery status. When off, there is plenty of battery power. Yellow means the battery is low, and Red means that the battery is very low. This light blinks green when charging.

Thanks Brad and Caitlyn. I just got the system and expected to see icons or bulbs. I didn’t realize that nothing is visible until the leds actually light up. I realized this when I had a network error and the red led came on. I assume the batteries were fully charged so the other led didn’t need to light up.

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