New Floodlight Cam Plus has terrible mounting plate

I’ve been installing Floodlight Cams for two years now, and the new plastic mounting plate is awful. It warps when tightening the center screw, which is the only option to mount it now.
The metal mounting plate was much stronger and provided several holes with which to mount it to different types of electrical boxes.
It is impossible to mount it flush to an existing box such as this one.
The old version was a 10 minute install. Now, I need to go and replace the perfectly fine electrical box with a new one that will work with this very limited new plastic plate. Very upset and disappointed in the new, cheaper mounting system.

Hi @StarrsRidge. Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback with us. I went ahead and passed it onto my team so they can forward it to the appropriate team. :slight_smile:

@StarrsRidge Yeah, they suck. I have two older floodlight cameras that have the metal bracket. I wanted two more floodlights, they came with the plastic ones. Luckily the one that mounted to a metal box worked. But I found it dumb that there is only the center screw on the plate to mount the bracket on. On my other one, there was no box. Just wires coming out of a hole. For this, I drilled out four holes in the plastic bracket first, then screwed it on the wall. Luckily, there is just enough room for the wire nuts in between the camera and the bracket. I thought the new cameras would be better than the old, but they are not, they are not made to the same standards as the old ones. I like Ring products, but was pretty disappointed in the quality of the new floodlight cameras. For example, you can’t screw the lights down to hold their position like on the old ones. Hopefully they stay put and don’t droop over time.

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