New Floodlight Cam Not Appearing On Ring - Always Home Windows 10 App

I’ve been recommending Ring products to my customers for years because you could get a live view on every major platform (Windows 10, Android, and iOS). I spent about 15 minutes installing a Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus for my mom this past Saturday evening to add to her existing Ring Doorbell, then I spent about 3 hours troubleshooting why I couldn’t get the Windows 10 Ring - Always Home app to display it. The reason we went with Ring is because of the quality of the products and the service. We relied on the advertisement for the Windows Store app that says “All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your Windows 10 device.”

Funny enough after doing quite a bit of Googling, I stumble across this community thread that shows that the advertisement (which constitutes a contract) is false and breaches that contract:

So my question is, what is the solution for Ring owners who don’t have a mobile device capable of running your app and want to view live video on their desktop PC? How are Desktop PC owners supposed to get notifications on their computer? Why did you end of life this app without notifying anyone either through the app, through help articles, or through the advertisement on the Windows Store? Why did you abandon the largest non-mobile computing platform, and what is Ring going to do to resolve this when they’ve established promissory estoppel from the Windows Store advertisement that now has left my mom with what amounts to a fancy LED light for the back yard that is otherwise useless.

P.S. Don’t tell us to spend more money buying an Android or iOS device, that doesn’t absolve Ring of the contractual obligation to meet the quote from YOUR advertisement copy in the Windows Store.

I also am experiencing this issue -
I like to leave the ring app up during my workday on one of my PC monitors to keep an eye on the perimeter of my house as my home office is in the basement. I installed a Floodlight Cam over the weekend and I notice it doesn’t appear in the windows app although it does on the mobile app.
I am thinking that the windows app is just in need of a simple update to add comparability for the floodlight cam.
Can anybody at ring please provide a comment?

I’d love to hear a comment from Ring staff on this as well, given the fact that their ad copy for the Windows 10 App clearly states that it supports “All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras…”

I called them today and even tweeted at @ring. I got the same response from both places. Development for the Windows app has ceased entirely outside of security updates. They have no plans to add support for any of the newer cameras or devices to the Windows app and are planning to phase it out entirely. I cannot even begin to explain my frustration at Ring’s apparent disregard for a use-case that large portions of their customers want.

Just upgraded the old Floodlight Cam to Floodlight Cam Wired Plus, have the same problem with my Desktop-PC with Windows10 ring app.
The new camera doesent show up at all… i love the Microsoft app… being able to see the videos on a 27" monitor, instant notifications, download and save videos on hardrive and so on.
So this really sux.

I totally agree! With 1.3 BILLION Windows 10 users, I don’t think there is lack of demand. I read we were to log into and use it in your browser. I can do that, and the new cameras do show up. How do you turn on the lights? How do you talk with someone? How do you turn on the alarm? I don’t like dropping the app, but if we are to use, please make the features available.
And since you are dropping Windows… can you please make your browser version real time? I bought the cameras for our office to see who is coming up to our door during office hours and alert me if there is activity in the parking lot after hours.
During the day I would really like to see our front door, real time. In your browser version I have to keep refreshing every minute or so to see real time.

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Exactly, how are those of us who don’t have a mobile device capable of running the Ring app supposed to get a live view now. My mother isn’t the only one I know who is facing this situation now. I have several customers who are older and relied on Ring to be able to communicate through their computer to people outside, especially during the PANDEMIC!

Ring used to make a product that was fantastic for the elderly and those who either couldn’t or wouldn’t purchase an Android device or a device running fake iOS. Being able to put the Windows Store app on a big TV was great for my customers who had vision issues. Now they’re going to be forced to tap on nearly impossible to hit touch targets on a dinky little phone screen. Oh well, I guess I’m going to have to start seeking alternative vendors for my future customers.

Also, I fully expect Ring staff to ignore this thread. Don’t expect to get feedback from them because we’re calling them out. I just hope this thread makes it into discovery for the coming class action lawsuit for their false advertising.

Pleased to see your issue, I think i have same issue from last couple of days and till date i can’t able to find proper solution about it so please help me.

Hi there, @thomas84759! Thank you for sharing your experience with us regarding the Ring Windows app. The reason you are not seeing your new Camera in the Windows app is because it no longer receives device or feature updates, though they will continue to receive critical security and bug updates. This means that you will not see new features and devices that we sell, within the desktop app.

You can learn more about this here . We suggest using to view your devices on a desktop computer. The team here is continuously working to add features to improve your experience. Thank you for being a great neighbor, please let us know if you have any additional questions