"New Features" notification will not go away

I have marked all the new features in the New Features section as read, but it still shows 1 New Feature. Already tried deleting and reinstalling, but still can’t clear it. It’s nothing major, just annoying me.

It’s quite literally been YEARS since this was first reported and it’s still busted. None of the solutions mentioned work. Even deleting and reinstalling the app … which would clear out any bad data … doesn’t work. So either being forced to view every single Ring product in the Amazon app isn’t decrementing the counter on one of the listed products or this bug has been allowed to linger intentionally. Perhaps someone’s bonus is tied to Ring Product Page views? Either way …Ring should be embarrassed by this nonsense. Personally I would prefer to see all ads simply REMOVED from the app altogether and leave the marketing to email.

This issue has plagued the Ring App for years. For a brief time there was an option to clear the red dot but later revisions of the app are missing that “icon with a check mark in it on the top right.” that Chelsea_Ring] suggested in a June '21 post. This should not be difficult to put back in as it was once there. I don’t know why this hasn’t been addressed before now.

Same. Very annoying.
However, I rather think this request will be filed with all the other requests submitted on this page.
In the bin.