New Elite Installation

I’m looking to install a Ring Doorbell Elite into a business (new installation, this doesn’t replace anything existing). We would like to have a chime as well and I’m wondering if there are any recommendations based on experience from others? Do most people go with the Ring wireless chimes or do you use a traditional wired chime? Since our office is fairly spread out I’ll probably need 2 chimes.

Thanks in advance.

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Good question, @aardvark9! If you plan on going with our Ring Chime products, you’ll be happy to hear that you can indeed have multiple at one location. The volume on the Chimes are very comparable to a standard in home chime kit, and the tones can be changed to your liking!

Of course, an AC voltage rated chime kit is an option in which our neighbors throughout the Community will be happy to share their experience with each, I’m sure. Here is our Chime Kit Compatibility list, in case you would like to explore this approach. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: