New Doorbell Pro 2 Very Hot

I just recently installed a brand new doorbell pro 2 and the top back of the doorbell is extremely hot. I called tech support and the person I spoke to was very unhelpful and had no answer for why it might be getting hot. The doorbell is not in direct sunlight.

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Hi @user21531. It is normal for your Doorbell Pro 2to be warm to the touch while in operation, especially during the warmer months of summer as the ambient temperature outside is warmer, even if the Doorbell is not in direct sunlight. This is similar to how your phone or a laptop may feel warm while in use, even more so if you are using that phone or laptop outside while. I hope this helps clear things up, but feel free to follow up with our support team if you have any continued safety concerns regarding the temperature of your Doorbell.

When I called into support today I was told that it was at 122 degrees F. Seems like it is running way to hot.

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Mine went up to 136°. I have a total of 3 pro 2’s and all 3 fell within this range.

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