New doorbell not showing on Windows 10 desktop app

I just purchased a new release Ring doorbell wired and it does not show up on the desktop app. It does on my Android phone. The trouble with this is I cannot actually see well enough on the phone app as it is so small (6 inch screen). I have used my Windows 10 to see live video until installing the new doorbell which has worked well for me. I spent an hour on the phone with support and they finally told me they do not support Windows 10. Your website says it does support Windows 10 desktop app, but not mobile. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the desktop app. If it is true that desktop is supported, why does it not work? Can you help?

If you sign in to your account at using Windows 10 you can see your alerts & videos from your video doorbell. I do it all the time using my laptop connected to my 65" tv screen for same reason you describe that my iPhone 11Pro Max screen is hard to see w/ out reading glasses.

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They no longer support desktop app, which I use most of the time for live views because of the nice big screen, but it no longer shows the newest cameras and doorbells at all. I bought a pro because of that. Pro still shows up in the app. But Windows 10 app no longer works well with all the cameras and doorbells like the way it used to and the way I prefer it to. It’s a shame. Live view still works well with the W10 app though if you don’t have a newer camera.

But no live view on the web site.