New doorbell, intermittent ringing

Hi all,

New ring user here, just set up a Ring 2nd generation doorbell and connected it to my Plusnet router no problems.

Issue is when I hit the ring button on the device, 95% of the time absolutely nothing happens, no blue light no chime. The couple of occasions it’s rang, my phone pops up the notifications fine.

I’ve tried this next to my router and it’s no different.

Battery is 72% and video streams fine from what I’ve seen, it just doesn’t actually ring, which concerns me?

Any advice ?


Hi @Adam_Davies. What is the RSSI of this device? This can be found in the Ring app, under the Device Health tile. A poor RSSI could result in intermittent activity. I would also make sure that the volume on the device is turned up. This can be found in the Device Settings > General Settings. I hope this information helps!