New Doorbell Cam

Hello got a new doorbell cam and have my wife as a shared guest. question 1 why cant she see live view from her app on her phone. (note she gets notified when someone comes to the door and can see the cam and interact is this all that allows?)

question 2 while i am away from my home why will my live view not load?

question 3 i hard wired my doorbell but its still showing my battery is dying will i have this issue?

any help is appreciated

  1. Don’t know
  2. Using a VPN?
  3. Battery % isn’t updated live. Also, your battery can still go down depending on how often the doorbell wakes up with motion or other events. Tweak your settings if you aren’t getting enough battery life.
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number 2 i am not i don’t believe just running off my homes WIFI but whenever i leave the house i wont allow me to look at live view from the app. also i have my ring and Alexa connected and i can view the live from my Alexa app away from home with no issues

Hi @CodyC. It sounds like there may be some issues with your phone provider and your APN settings. I suggest reaching out to our support team so they can go over this with you and determine how to correct it. Additionally, hardwiring a Doorbell with provide a trickle charge to the battery, which is the primary power source. You can learn more about this in this Help Center article here.

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very good thank you so much