New Doorbell 2nd Gen Mounting Design Not Conveinient

I know there is nothing that I can do about it but I was sent a replacement Doorbell and I got it yesterday its a 2nd Gen and aparently it has different mounting. The hardwire isnt connected to the mounting bracket anymore. The hardwire is connected to the ring device and I have had to remove the ring device to either reset or update or connect to network so much since I first owned it, I dont feel comfortable connecting it due to all the wear and tear it would put on the wires. That also means that my doorbell will now no longer ring inside from the existing doorbell and app. It will only notify in the app and I dont like that. My ringer isnt always on. It inconvienient for me. Ill have to charge every other dqy. I dont want to down grade thou im just stuck with it like that now.