New design is a step back from the 1st Gen doorbell

The engineers at ring took a major step backwards when they redesigned the base plate and how the unit draws power from a wired house.

The 1st generation Ring had the wires connected to the base. This made it really simple to connect and allowed me to unmount the unit and manually recharge it when the subzero Temps drained the battery.

This generation connects the wires directly to the unit. I only have a few inches of wires! Not enough length to allow me to use a screwdriver to attach them to the Ring doorbell!

I have to destroy an extension cable to add a jump wire to connect the unit. In the process of taping the wires, I dropped and scuffed up the new Ring doorbell!!!

Furthermore, removing the unit to manually recharge it will not be as simple as it was with the 1st generation unit