New customer - Why is my V1 so unreliable?

It either takes ages to connect to live view or won’t connect at all. Often giving me the message that my ‘phone signal is weak’. From the position I’m attempting this inside, my phone has a solid 130mbps+ up and 60 down on 5Ghz. Standing next to my Ring outside the front door, I see 30mbps down and up on 2.4Ghz on the phone. On a wired connection I see nearly 400mbps down. RSSI on the bell is -58. My router is set to the mode that chooses the best available band for 2.4GHz (why don’t these devices support 5Ghz??). All devices on my network are on 5GHz apart from the Ring and maybe one other.

It just seems like a really unreliable product when the numerous other devices on the network have excellent connections.

I just got mine and I am having similar issues. Even when testing inside and feet away from router it is always blurry and will sometimes say “Poor connection.” Not very pleased with it so far.