New customer, additional generic devices and wifi signal questions

Hi I was looking to add smart homes security to my house but really am on a budget. I could afford to put together a good system but it means using Ring as the base station as a starter kit and then to add other makes for cameras etc…
Does anyone know if the “Blink” camera range would add to the Ring base station or any other generic device. I can also get a non “Ring” video doorbell etc…
All of these can work independently or through Google / Alexa.
Ring, is the cheapest base station that I can add to, but it gets expensive really fast after the startup offers.
Has anyone added generic equipment to their ring setup, mainly it’s the cameras
The last thing is does the base station LAN connect to a router so if someone broke in after using a signal jammer to block video going to the cloud?
Edit… Completely forgot, as part of the generic add ons, can you just get a iPad to act as the home control as I was thinking most of these are just their own apps anyway so just mount an iPad on the wall?