New cameras don't show on PC app

Android Phone screenshot. All 6 cameras.

Same issue here, ios app shows my camera and chime devices, the windows app only shows my chime, not the camera. Any updates. I’ve already tried the uninstall-install, didn’t fix it. Both devices are under the same location. Please help.

Hi neighbors! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us here. Can you please clarify which model of Ring Doorbell or Camera you have? You can find this information on the back of the device itself, on the original packaging, or on the Device Health screen within the Ring App.

Same issue here, using the new Ring wired. Works perfectly on iPhone but device doesn’t display in the Windows app.

Hello neighbor, thank you for sharing your experience with us regarding the Ring Windows app. The reason you are not seeing your new Video Doorbell Wired in the Windows app is because it no longer receives device or feature updates, though they will continue to receive critical security and bug updates. We suggest using to view your devices on a desktop computer. The team here is continuously working to add features to improve your experience. Thank you for being a great neighbor, please let us know if you have any additional questions.

I have the same issue having just added a wired doorbell. To say you are always looking to improve and add features yet you disable an app for new products is a bit stiff! I have spent ages trying to get the doorbell to show on my windows app and only by wasting time searching do I find this reference. To say use a browser demonstrates a lack of understanding of the ability of the app. It can sit in the task bar and a simple click reveals the status of cameras and the option to view events. In browser use requires regular logins and clicks to get to essential camera access. Time consuming and requiring unnecessary effort. Why have chimes able to add to the windows app but not cameras?? A bit of a joke really.


I also have the same issue with a new ring camera not appearing in the Windows App. What is going on? Why is the Windows App no longer being updated? How can this possibly be justified?
Can this issue be escalated to show the disatisfaction and incredulity at this of myself and no doubt thousands of other users.

This throws into doubt the entire investment I have made into the Ring security ecosystem.


I have has the same problem. Ring needs to admit that the doorbell wired DOES not work with the PC App. I spent hours with tech support going through all the nonsense of uninstalling and reinstalling, and rebooting wifi, etc etc etc.


Hi @nogods. This post here shares the same concern. You will find the answer as to why the Doorbell Wired is not visible in the Ring app for PC. I hope this clears things up for you.

They admit it, just a dumb way to bring a new device to market.

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Does ring have plans to disable camera view on windows 10. App for first generation ring doorbell/camera?

This is the worst thing that the new Ring Doorbell Camera is not supported by the windows Ring app. What are you guys thinking. You should at least then have a windows client install option for windows10 because their is no way to answer the door bell camera via your website portal so I can’t answer the door from my computer… This is SAD

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Can some bright spark from ring treat its neighbours with some care and explain what the strategy is rather than just saying its not updated… Is ring no longer supporting the windows 10 app? or is it that resources are not currently available to work on it? if the former then what is the strategy for windows support? I hope not “just use the browser” because that lacks key facilities like staying logged on across system restarts … it also creates a security risk as having the browser logged on gives access to more capabilities than just view the cameras. If the latter then when will someone work on it?

Thanks for your consideration.

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I see all these replies that suggest Windows is only barely supported now. Unless I missed something, it’s still the most popular operating system in the world and it isn’t going anywhere. The Ring.Com thing does work, but it’s kludgy and lacks many features. Ring really needs to fully support Windows. Pretty sure Amazon can afford to pay for an app update.


Why even promote or have a PC app if it no longer functions? Not everyone has their cellphone available 24 / 7 or we may want the PC as a backup.

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I only received the product today so I can use with my PC as I work in my cellar so keep missing my postman and now find out it doesn’t actually work with windows even though I’d downloaded the APP ready to use - Not impressed!

I have just upgraded to Video Doorbell 4 and it is not showing on the windows app.

Just replaced my Ring Doorbell Pro with Ring Doorbell Pro 2. To now see that my doorbell is gone form the Windows app. So now I have a newer “better” product that I can’t answer from my PC anymore. I really wish I had known this sooner. Also ordered a Ring Doorbell 4 for my backdoor and as I understand it that won’t show up either. I thought I was moving forward with my investment. Instead it seems I’ve made an expensive move backward.

How are we Windows 10 users now supposed to check live footage or answer the doorbell from our Windows 10 PC’s? I would really like to know the answer to that. Because for me it’s much easier to click on an app on my PC to look at camera’s or answer the doorbell then to use an additional device for this that I have to pick up. Please start supporting the Win 10 app again. I’m happy that it only has the basic features but at least support those for all Ring products. I mean how difficult can it be to add support for new camera’s. And there is no alternative on Win 10.

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Hey neighbors. A neighbors in this Community post here has found a work around for this. I hope this helps!

What is the update on this? Is there an actual fix for this or is the issue not going to be ever resolved?