New cameras don't show on PC app.

I had a Ring Doorbell and Stickup Cam that showed up on my iPhone app and my Windows 10 PC App. I added 2 more cameras that show up on my phone but not my PC. How do I get the new cameras to show up on my PC App? THANKS - BJP

Hey @BJP123. Did you add them to the proper location, so that they show up all under the same devices in your Ring app, but not on the PC? If you see all of the devices in the Ring app and not the PC app, please try removing the PC app from your computer, rebooting your PC and then reinstalling the Ring app. Once redownloaded, log back in, and if you still don’t see the devices on the account, please take a screenshot of what your app looks like versus the PC app and share that here! :slight_smile: