New camera, not recording or sending notifications


I’ve set my new ring camera up today and at first I received a notification when motion was detected. But now nothing, the lights turn on the camera when I walk by it but I get no notification also on the app it hasn’t recorded.

I’ve checked the iPhone notifications are on.
On the ring app the camera is online and connected to WiFi and says good signal.
I can click on the camera and watch a live feed.
I’ve checked all the settings I know of and everything is turned on.

I don’t know what else needs doing.
It’s now raining and dark so I’m not going back outside but will try any tips 2mo morning.

Thanks in advance

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So the camera is recording now. I’m just not getting the notifications

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This is now solved.

I didn’t do anything woke up this morning and it didn’t send me a notification when the wife went to work. Since then I have charged my I watch and after that it seems to now be working fine.

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