New camera idea for Ring? Could we?

I’ve had Ring stick up cams w/solar. 3 days of clouds & they’d be dead to the point I’d have to reconnect them every 4th day.

I see the Flood Cams… but that’s a bit much for simple porch or garage light sockets.

Out in the market there is a light bulb camera. Basically, it screws into existing light sockets & has PTZ controls. Reviews on them aren’t THAT great due to connectivity issues it seems. They power via the light socket, connect through wifi, and have an app you can view recordings or manually.

Leads me to ask, These would be perfect if they connected through the Ring software & app. Anyone know if Ring has plans to turn a stickup cam into a screw in type bulb base like these? That’d be awesome. Ring connectivity, constant power from the socket, and controlable in the Ring app

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Asked the same but somehow doesn’t get traction! Strange… sure it’d get popular

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