New Camera causes other cameras not to record

I added a stick up camera in my back yard and now when it is recording I’m not getting recordings from my front yard cameras. So it looks like only 1 camera can record at a time?

Did you use the Linked Devices options in the Ring phone app to select record for your front yard camera when your back yard camera detects motion?

no as I do not was recordings of the front yard triggered by motion in the back yard.

So, you are saying that you have separate motion events at the same time on your cameras and only one camera is recording them?
Just want to make it clear so anyone who might have an answer knows specifically what you are referring to.

correct, the backyard cam is seeing a lot of motion and now the front yard cam sees little to no motion.

Hi @Kevins. A good way to test the Motion Detection for the cameras would be to temporarily move the front camera to the back, or vice versa. Then when they are both in the same spot, you can verify that they both record motion. Or try walking from the front yard to your back yard and see if you are detected. You may need to make some adjustments to your motion settings as well.

Adding a second camera to your ecosystem will not take away from the capabilities of your existing camera, in regards to the motion detection.

I turned off color night vision and seen to resolve the issues.