New battery powered Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen

I have a couple questions regarding this product I purchased yesterday.

  1. Typically, how long does it take to initially charge the battery pack? I’ve been charging mine for about 3 hours and the orange light is not going out.

  2. Does the motion detection feature have an audible alert? If I’m sleeping and there is motion detected, I would like to receive an audible alert to wake me. A text alert doesn’t help obviously. It appears this is not available and I will need to purchase a separate chime to plug in the room to receive an audible alert. Is that correct?

Thank you in advance for your help!

It could take upto 6 hours to charge your battery, all depends on the output of your wall plug adapter.

If you have Alexa devices you can make a routine to announce motion detection and other things. For information on routines Read this link.


Thanks Vakeda - the battery did fully charge to 100% although the orange light never went out like it is supposed to.

I don’t use Alexa.
Seems when motion detection is set to on and a person walks in front of the camera I should receive an alert. This camera doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve tried different modes. Verified internet connectivity, etc. Not sure if I have a defective product or it’s operator error on my part. Either way, it should be more of a "plug-and-play set up. Additionally, the instructions are very bare bones with very little detail. I plan to return item for refund.

Thanks again for your reply.

Try tweaking your Sensitivity and Frequency settings to max to see if that helps with movement detections.
It can take a few tries with various settings to get them to function as you’d like them to.
As for audible alert, it would all depend on how light of a sleeper you are. I have to wear earplugs for various other reasons so I’ll never hear an audible alert. I have alerts vibrate my smart watch which helps, but isn’t perfect.

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Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like the optional plug in chime might work but I’m not sure what it sounds like. and if it’s just a one time “ding-dong” like a door alarm, I doubt it would wake me up. Looking for something that forces you to turn it off or acknowledge it in some way.

Thanks again!

I have the external chime, and use the sounds of dogs barking to indicate movement outside. I have yet to be woken up by them, but they are a kick to hear during the day.
I always say “ok kids, good you saw that person!” LOL

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