New aser ring video doorbell

bought the inlaws a doorbell for christmas got it all fitted and working and connected to Alexa all works fine but the only thing that is bothering them is when the bell is pressed you cant open the app without entering the passcode on the phone unlike a normal phone call .Is there a setting i am missing are is this the norm its a bit of a problem for them as they are quite old and have bad athritus in their hands

Good question, @mark.heyworth! While notifications and device access is delivered to and controlled by your Ring app, the use of this will depend on mobile device preferences. If the mobile device has a password, face id, or pin protected lock screen, this will likely be a necessary step when wanting to access the Ring app from the locked screen. Currently rolling out is the new Rich Text Notification feature which will show an image preview in the notification banner. Another option would be altering the method of unlocking the mobile device to an easier/ quicker option, if available. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: