New app feature request

I think this could help as a new feature for the app.

I see people post their videos with motion capturing a person overnight in the video. Seems like they wake up hours later and find out when they get to their vehicle.
I place my phone on silent at night so that I am not disturbed by call, texts etc. I know this defeats having an app that alerts for camera motion. But I can not wake up everytime a cat triggers motion.
So for a new feature in app why not have a custom set time. For me it would be 11 pm to 6 am. If any motion is caught in that time frame then those videos would be in a separate “overnight” or “while you slept” section for you to quickly review with a pop up with a number on your phone screen. You can see how many hits overnight.
I think this is better than scrolling and scrolling the timeline to get all the videos you slept through. I could quickly see that motion was detected 5 times overnight versus the current way that shows 9+ Since I last cleared the que.

Interesting suggestion but I’m wondering in the meantime, since you mentioned cats, why not try People Only mode or turning down sensitivity? Also, have you tried playing around with Motion Zone and restricting your area of desired motion to only by your door or other area of interest? You can also set “privacy zones” within motion zones to ignore motion in those privacy zones. Privacy Zones are really meant to exclude neighbor activity etc. but you can also use it to exclude areas of your own property.

PS there is a Feature Request Board for great suggestions like these.

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