New Allstate warranty SUCKS

Ring is switching US customers to Allstate warranty service. We all know insurance companies operate on denying as many claims as possible in order to maximize their profit. They don’t care about giving good service in order to keep us as customers.

Read the allstate warranty vs the ring one. IT DOESN’T COVER THEFT. This used to be a really nice feature of the subscription, and now we’re losing it. There’s probably tons of other gotchas in this 8pt font document, too. I see forced mandatory binding arbitration with no opt-out, too.

UGGGGGH. Sucks ring doesn’t care about their us customers anymore. But anything to save a couple bucks in the short term, right? =\


Time to jump ship?? Bad move on rings part. I’ve dealt with Allstate in the past, good luck getting a claim.


Also, reddit thread here about it.

Bad move, Ring. Your customers hate it.


Agree with all statements here!

In the past, we’ve had issues with Ring products that were both hardware and firmware related. The firmware related ones often required a lot of time and effort on our part to bring it Ring’s attention and a lot of time, effort, and expense to troubleshoot and uninstall and re-install replacement Ring Floodlights. Ring benefited from all the time and effort we put in (e.g., over 6 months). However, we also appreciated that Ring replaced the devices without pushback until the issues were resolved. This was a key aspect of their marketing.

The return and replacement process was done as headache free as possible. That’s why we continued to pay the extra annual fee for the extended warranty.

Ring already charges a premium for their products, so they should provide premium service. If the issue is Ring’s fault, then they should fix it, with replacements if needed, and without a lot of pushback and hassle. These types of products either work or they don’t. And in the majority of cases, it’s an issue with Ring and not the fault of the customer. There’s not much that we can do on our end to fix these issues. Power-cycling and re-setting only does so much.

So, under this new warranty, the extended warranty is pointless. And once the grandfathering ends, it will be even more expensive.

More bait and switch. With these changes these last few years, they seemed focused on pushing away the loyal customers that have been for years since the close to the beginning. We stuck with them while they built their product line and effectively had us beta test and troubleshoot their products for them.

We received the Allstate warranty email from Ring on August 10. I’ve spoken to two different areas in Ring Customer Service–last week and this morning. Both CS reps had no idea what I was talking about.

Two weeks after we received the email, Management still has not even informed their own people about this Allstate warranty. Another poorly thought out “idea” by management without a plan for implementation. This is how a company that handles our extremely sensitive information and provides security devices is run.

How are we supposed to know what to do now when there are problems with a device? Does Ring CS need to communicate with Allstate the need for a replacement?