New 4k resolution cameras!

Ring! It’s time to upgrade the cameras. When can we expect the next gen camera technology? Looking for 4k spot light camera that can read license plates on vehicles from 40 feet away day and night! Also a 4k doorbell with range of 40 feet zoom clarity.

Time to step it up.


No one from Ring reveals new products in these forums.
One stumbling block for 4K is the amount of bandwidth required. Many homes can barely do 1 4K stream, can you imagine 4 or 5?

I disagree on the 4k. Gigabit internet is becoming rapidly available to neighborhoods. Other products are already have 4k cameras. Maybe one work around, the stream is a lower quality but recording to the server is highest quality for post recording analysis. We just need ring “Amazon” to start making the devices and let customers work out the data management.


No, gigabit isn’t being rapidly deployed everywhere. A few select (aka mostly rich) neighborhoods are getting it.
You don’t seem to realize that there’s a good portion of internet users that can barely get DSL speeds.
Yes, people that can afford higher speeds could get high speed internet, but someone I doubt they are the focus of Ring’s marketing.
I have 4K non-Ring cameras and they aren’t all that much better than the 1080Ps.
If you want 4K now, then look to getting standalone cameras that aren’t tied to a subscription service.