Network Question

I have multiple Ring Devices,outdoor cameras, doorbell, chime pro, indoor cameras, lights, bridge, outdoor motion sensors and plan to add more devices, with all that connected to my wifi router(Asus AX11000 tri band) the sum is more than 50 devices connected to my router at the same time. Im thinking on buy a Ring Alarm Pro system and run an ethernet cable from my router to the Ring Pro base and then connect all my Ring devices to the base.( doing that I will free bandwidth from my router wifi). My internet speed is 1ghz fiber optic. Does anyone believe is this will work or have another setup idea?

Morey R

Are you actually encountering WiFi issues with your current router or are you trying to fix a problem that isn’t there?
Your current router should be more than capable of handling your various devices.
If you are having connection issues from various places in your home because of your router’s location that’s a different issue. That can be mitigated by using access points or upgrading to a mesh type setup.

Thanks for your reply SolarEclipse, I just trying to figure if buying the Ring alarm pro and connect it to my router via an ethernet cable and then connect all my ring devices exclusively to the integrated eero on the alarm pro will makes my system run smoother.