Network freezes when someone approaches the bell


My doorbell is set to notify me (on my app) when someone approaches the door (motion detection). This works, however, whenever someone walks up to the door (or passes the motion sensor), my entire (home) network freezes up. So, i’m in my home office, in a teams meeting, my wife goes out, I lose the connection… DPD deliveres a parcel, I lose the connection… I’ve checked the traffic on my router when the bell is activated, if I could find something going out (or coming in) that eats the entire bandwidth, but could not pinpoint what is causing the freeze.

Any ideas?


The Ring cams need 1-2Mbps upload capacity and a much smaller download.

It sounds like your router to prioritising the Ring cam over all other traffic. Is there any chance you have some setting for traffic management set in the router?