Network freezes when someone approaches the bell


My doorbell is set to notify me (on my app) when someone approaches the door (motion detection). This works, however, whenever someone walks up to the door (or passes the motion sensor), my entire (home) network freezes up. So, i’m in my home office, in a teams meeting, my wife goes out, I lose the connection… DPD deliveres a parcel, I lose the connection… I’ve checked the traffic on my router when the bell is activated, if I could find something going out (or coming in) that eats the entire bandwidth, but could not pinpoint what is causing the freeze.

Any ideas?


The Ring cams need 1-2Mbps upload capacity and a much smaller download.

It sounds like your router to prioritising the Ring cam over all other traffic. Is there any chance you have some setting for traffic management set in the router?

Murray, thanks for your reply… and yes, it seems like it is exactly that… However, i didn’t set traffic management upon install of the router, nor when setting up the ring doorbell… so if it is traffic mgt, it came out of the box, and i have no clue where to look/find/change it…


I’ve enabled QoS and limited the bandwidth of the Ring device to 1/3 of my total bandwidth… let’s see if that helps anything…

Ok, so the bandwidth limitation did not solve the problem… the only noticeable difference is a longer delay before a notification is shown on my cell phone.

Anyone any other ideas? tx

Hi there, @Keuntje! Checking network settings was a great step. I recommend also reorganizing the network to ensure not too many devices are sharing the same resources. I’ve seen other neighbors share success with assigning their external IoT devices to 2.4 Ghz, while everything within their home connects to 5 Ghz. This accounts for distance and bandwidth.

I recommend also reaching out to your isp as well, to ensure resources are optimal for devices connected. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:


thanks for your reply (and sorry for the delay in coming back to this topic)…
In the mean time it is clear it is the internal wifi that is stopping completely when the doorbell is triggered. So my service provider is not the solution (he always says ‘you have your own internal network, so we can’t help’).

The wifi itself and signal strength are not the problem… and all devices stop at the same time (my radio playing on my computer, google home, my conference call on my laptop). the google device even says ‘i can’t connect to the wireless network at the moment’…

Like I said, it’s as if the ring doorbell claims the entire wifi to deliver the notification/image… I have not found how to or if it is possible to limit this

as an fyi, for those having similar issues and not getting any support, I finally fixed my issue…

So as a conclusion of the problem, the doorbell was claiming the entire internal wifi when someone was at the door. You can easily monitor and control the outbound traffic and bandwidth consumption but not the internal.
So, I fixed it by setup up a seperate subnet specifically for the doorbell.
I already wanted to divide my network, since i have over 40 active wifi connection (new house, all devices on IoT), so I setup a secondary wifi router on a subnet, with no access to the ‘main’ subnet and where i connect most of my ground floor appliances (kitchen, heating, doorbell, lights) to.
No functionality is lost; investment is small (just a small wifi router); signal is improved and ‘main’ network is a lot more stable.

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