Neighbours New Events not showing

I get notified of Neighbours New Events but when I click on the Icon in the Ring App Dashboard it navigates to a separate page which remains blank.

Hi @Harps. What type of phone are you using, and what version of the Ring app? If you select Neighbors from the Menu, do you still get a blank page?

I am suddenly having the same issue and need a solution so I’ll continue if that is ok. I get alerts to neighbors notifications on my iPhone 12 Lock Screen as I have always since this was a feature. When opening the ring app and clicking on the neighbors icon it takes me to a screen that says there are no new incidents to show and no feed to scroll through anymore to look at old ones.

I have all incident types checked as on and if I try to change any the ring app says something went wrong and won’t change anything. I tried to do that just to see if changing a setting would restart all the others to showing in my feed. My feed is set to 90 days and I get multiple alerts a day but they are inaccessible. My WiFi, data and Bluetooth are on for my testing. My app is up to date in the App Store as 5.62.0

Hope you can respond with a few ideas to try now instead of stalling by asking something myself or the other customer from March did not provide.

Please advise and thanks for a swift reply.

Hi @user56914. Since the Ring Community is a public forum, we do not have access to account information. This means we often ask for more details when trying to narrow down the cause of an issue, as the information we have is limited.

If you haven’t done so already, I would suggest completely uninstalling the Ring app and then reinstalling it to see if that resolves this issue. If it doesn’t, it might be an issue with how the Location is listed in your settings. Tap the menu in the top left, then select Settings > Address > Edit Address. When you’re entering your address in the field, try to select an address that populates in the drop down below the field.

Should this issue persist after trying the troubleshooting suggestions above, it would be best to get in touch with our support team regarding this. They will be able to review your account details and see what might be causing the Neighbors app not to load correctly.