Neighbour is recording my daughter's movement and mine


My ringdoorbell faces the perpendicular frontage of a row of terraces. The doorbell is on the outside of my gate; but I own the parking bay directly next to this fence. Upon my daughter arriving with me and her friend being collected; an arlo camera appears to have picked up the motion of my daughter and her friend. I say this because the arlo infrared appears to turn on abd off like a solid white light while my ring doorbell has been activated by my movements. Thus the arlo is recording my drivibg along highways into my parking bay. Ive contacted the police and they are not interested. They requested the neughbour to move his camera which he did whenthey visited but since then this neighbour has been caught recording my daughter again. Ive instructed solicitors and contacted the ico. The ico could write to this neighbour remindingthemof the regulations under DP but i cant see that doing anything. Shall i raise this as a complaint withthe IOPC?

We are just fellow users here and have no expertise in the laws for your community. You should talk to a solicitor to find out your options.

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