Neighbors tile won't clear new events count

New events are posted to Neighbors, the events are viewed, but when I return to the general Ring dashboard, the new event count continues to persist under the Neighbors tile. Under a previous version of the app, this would always clear once the Neighbors section was viewed.

I’m having the same problem with the new event numbers in the neighborhood link since the last automatic update of the ring system in my iOS app.

When going to see the new messages and back to the dashboard, the number never disappears it continues to add up with each new message they post.

This must be a problem created in the app itself.


Hi I just tried those steps try to clear neighbors new events, it didn’t work for me still showing 22 new events

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Hey neighbors, can you please let me know which version of the Ring app you have installed? You can tap the menu in the top left of the Ring app, and scroll to the bottom to see the app version you have.

Version 3.56.1. This is happening to me as well. I’ve viewed the events, but it still shows them as new & keeps counting. Then, I get more notifications to check my events…even though I already have!

I just observed that in iOS v5.58 of the Ring app this appears to have been corrected

Hi @MinneapolisJeff. I’m glad to hear the most recent app update has resolved this for you. If any other neighbors are still experiencing this concern, please check the app store on your phone to see if you have an update available for the Ring app. Updates are performed on a slow rollout, so you may not have an update available yet.

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