Neighbors tile not updating or sending alerts

When I changed my email everything continuously used to work perfectly on my ring app. We moved in June ans that’s when everything stopped working. Since the move I no longer receive neighborhood alerts and the neighbors tile inside Ring does not update, however when I click on it it takes me to the neighbors feed and there are numerous new posts. Over the past month we have done the following per different customer service agents.

Logged in as my boyfriend on my phone-all works great.
Uninstalled and reinstalled-doesn’t work
Reset phone to factory settings-doesn’t work
Changed my email address back to an old email and it worked
Customer services deleted all emails from the entire Ring database and I waited for a couple of weeks and set up an entirely new account with that email-still doesn’t work
We’ve gone over all settings and permissions in the Ring app-neighbors fields inside ring-and on phone (all the same as when they were working perfectly)
Boyfriend has deleted me as a shared user and sent me a new invitation and it still doesn’t work.
I just have to click on neighbors anytime I want to see updates and this is not okay.

We even tried downloading the neighbors app to see if that would help to no avail. I don’t want two separate apps on my phone

I know longer have access to any rmail other than one. I used an old email address that is now completely deleted. It was used for this past month just to check issues with Ring and now that account in Gmail has been deleted. This is the only email I have and I need these alerts to work. All motion alerts work. Just not the neighborhood alerts.

Please help. I’m at my wit’s end and don’t know why this is happening when it was working with this email address in the past and now it has been set up with Ring as a brand new account and still not working.

I was given an email address to send all of this information to because customer service couldn’t figure it out. but no one has answered me. I am extremely frustrated. It makes no sense that one day all of my alerts are working and now all of a sudden they aren’t. My motion alerts work fine.

Hi @Upsetuser. This is incredibly strange. My best advice would be to follow up with our support team and ask to escalate this concern to a member of our Neighbors app team. This is something a supervisor should be able to help you out with.

The Ring Community is a neighbor to neighbor support forum and issues that are as complex as yours, are best handled by our support team. :slightly_smiling_face: