Neighbors Security Cam Floodlight Turns On First

I have a weird issue or unexpected behavior. My neighbor’s security cam appears to detect me before my security detects me. Their light will turn about a second before mine. My smart flood light also seems to detect before the security camera as well. When I’ve asked my neighbor, they’ve checked their settings and don’t see any issue. (they’re not receiving alerts.) Not sure how to troubleshoot or tweak my settings.

My set-up:
My neighbors and I have detached garages. Cars enter the garages from a rear alley. My neighbor has a security cam on both sides of the garage. I have a security cam on the backyard side pointing towards the house. I also have a smart light on the house that faces the garage. (My devices aren’t linked at the moment.) The security cameras are roughly 30ft apart. Our garages are almost inline but the neighbors garage sits back slightly. There are arborvitae shrubs along the property line that would obscure the camera.

When I exit my garage to go to the house, I’ll take a step or two away from the garage and then the neighbor’s light comes on then mine.


In regards to the light activating prior to the camera, that’s most likely due to your camera settings. If you have motion verification and/or people-only mode enabled, the camera needs time to verify and process the motion before it sends an alert. This could be further delayed if the camera has a weak wifi connection.

In regards to the neighbor’s light activating prior to yours, what sensitivity setting do you have for your floodlight? You might try going to a higher sensitivity if it’s not already set to the highest. You could also try adjusting the position of the motion sensor on the floodlight to see if that changes anything.

I’ve bumped up the sensitivity. I’ll look at adjusting the motion sensor as well.

Does the motion sensor cover a larger area than the camera? After looking at the camera’s motion zone, it does not show the area directly beneath the camera. The bottom of the zone is about 3ft from the garage wall.

Yeah, the motion sensor for the light has a radius of 270 degrees, and the camera has a radius of 140 degrees. The light’s sensor looks for heat, and the camera’s sensor looks for motion.

Thank you for all the great help you have offered this and other fellow neighbors @pdeethardt. Could you please reach out to the Community Team at We would love to ask you some questions and get your feedback directly as a valued member of the Community. :slight_smile: