Neighbors removing all my posts - community guidelines


My posts keep getting repeatedly taken down, without explanation. I had an incident where a man was peering into our windows and hovering in our backyard. It may not have been a major incident, except that I was alone and scared, and he was there for a long time. The police DID respond, and confirmed this person was a known person of interest (we won’t go into details), and that there have been previous, legitimate criminal issues (again, won’t go into details). They recommended I alert my neighbors so they would be aware and be sure to lock car and house doors and windows.
Despite including ZERO statements in violation of community guidelines, I have been repeatedly informed my posts violate community guidelines. My last attempt simply said, “this thing happened and it was scary.” Unclear how this violated any guidelines.
I have read and re read the community guidelines. Why are all my posts deleted, why has nobody responded to my requests for feedback, and how many similar potentially helpful posts are being deleted?

Hi @DRCamp. Users of the Neighbors App by Ring are able to flag comments or posts deemed as inappropriate. Once flagged, the comment or post will disappear from your local feed and will be sent to our moderation team for a secondary review. Depending on certain factors, a post might fall out of the Guidelines.

To ensure your posts are meeting all the proper criteria, check out our Ring Neighbors Community Guidelines . If you have anymore concerns about the Neighbors app or specific questions about a post in particular, you can reach out to that moderation team directly by emailing I hope this information helps!